February is love month! With all the hype about Valentine’s day and its sales, we get wrapped up about giving gifts and spending more and more to please the people we love. I benefited from this date’s spending extravaganza because many men shopped with me for leggings for their ladies! While this date can be great for businesses (stores, restaurants, hotels…), many of us still feel an emptiness inside on Valentine’s day (sadly, for some the emptiness is everyday). Have you thought about gifting yourself a warm bath? A long nap? Dancing to yourself? A massage? Or just sleep in one day? (Mamas, I feel you! Turn on that tv and let yourself fall back to sleep for another hour). Do what makes you the happiest even if you have to make some adjustments on your routine on that day?

We often forget to acknowledge ourselves for our daily accomplishments. Sounds silly but being on time for work, taking kids to school, picking them up, maintaining an exercise routine and a home, driving everywhere or taking the metro… it all takes work and energy! Give yourself a pat on the back for keeping up with life and reward yourself with self-love. Use the upcoming month of March to practice giving YOURSELF the pleasure of being truly loved.

Namaste! ?